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Week 3: What in your words would make the world a better place?

To me, the world would be a better place if we were all a bit nicer and respected each other along with all the animals and to have realization that what we do effects everything. Why pollute the air and take a joyride if we don't need too? It is different if we have to go somewhere but if we don't have too, then why pollute the air and make global warming any closer? Global warning, they don't know when it will happen but the more pollutants we use and put in the air increases the risks and it is killing all the polar bears which are coming really close to becoming extinct because of it.

What in your words would make the world a better place?
Week 2: What do you think about legalizing prostitution?

I myself think that it is nasty but I am all for everyone choices. I came about this topic because someone in a Philosophy class wrote a paper on it and I found it very intriguing. How do you feel about legalizing prostitution? They legalized pornography, not just in magazine but in movies so why isn't prostitution legalized? There is even anime porn and prostitution isn't legal? I just find that baffling. If it was legalized we could get a better foot on it rather than having women/girls run around the street doing it and getting beat up in the process and what can they do when that happens? Nothing, because what they do is illegal; so they just have to deal with it. I know that many prostitutes/call girls carry around diseases but if they were under a controlled atmosphere, that wouldn't be a factor would it?

I myself think that it is gross and wrong but that doesn't mean that I don't think that someone can't make their own choice to do so. Some woman like selling their sex because it empowers them. More power to them.

So I ask again, what do you think about legalizing prostitution?
It is week one and I want to know what you alls definition of parenting is…because sometimes I sure do.

In the dictionary it means the act of functioning as parents or raising children but what does that really entail?

If one parent works and is really not involved with the child and the other parent doesn't work but stays home and deals with all the household and parental responsibilities, is that proper parenting?

What in your words is 'proper' parenting? Do you think that some forms of parenting (if not all) have some kind of repercussions? Let me know.
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